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Cherno Server Rules

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1. No Duping, Glitching or Hacking, you will be permanently banned. (maybe subject to an appeal)

2. Do not use the safezone to store/use Ammo or Refuel Trucks, that is cheese rat shenanigans. (Violation can envoke removal of Vehicle and no compensation for said lost property)

3. Do not stream snipe anyone that may be streaming on the server.(Violation can cause a kick, up to a perm ban for repeat offenders)

4. Don't be a Douchenozzle to the Admins on the server. We are here to help. Have problems talk to us on TS or make a post on the forums. (Violation can cause a temp ban)

5. Build at least 1000 meters away from safezone trader, an 800 from any Static mission , or non safezone trader.

6. If you have access to a territory that does not belong to you, you are not allowed to take it apart, or spawn the VG vehicles in to blow them up. This will catch you a ban from the server.

(if you want to raid someones base, do it properly)

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