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  1. Hola Gents, Came across this website. I highly recommend that you all check it out. Has a ton of good information on it.
  2. Update

    It's Cherno Isles. Pretty neat map
  3. Update

    Back in business nerds!
  4. Chernarus Isles

    Does it come with Free PP touches? Whats different about it? The map that is?
  5. Air needs a counter

    We have added AA vehicles to the map to help counter this. I have also rotated the Pawnee out and replaced it with the attack Orca.
  6. Got a plan of action...Important Post and Poll! READ!

    And there is always other games servers that we can setup that have no monetization rules, like rust or ark.
  7. New Clan checking out exile server

    Welcome, plenty of nerds to kill on here!
  8. adding more vehicles

    A lot of the things you are mentioning are just OP as all hell. I will rotate the attack chopper to a less aggressive one for awhile. So When you kill the pawnees from now on its one less that can fuck with youl
  9. Air needs a counter

    I guess its time to rotate the persistent attack helo.. I will do that tomorrow
  10. Cherno Bank Mission

    need player UID
  11. Ammo Trucks/Fuel Trucks and reloading.

    I would consider reloading in the safe zone an exploit of the game mechanics. there is no counter to this other then removing the safe zone in which this player is using it. So don't tempt me I just might do that instead. Being a douche and utilizing a game mechanic solely to benefit your self will fall under my category as being a douche bag.
  12. Bases over looking high priority missions

    on wipe the can build radius will be pushed back a bit more. 900 meters fromt he mission This was the original distance, somehow it got lowered.
  13. Performance & Bases!

    We figured this out yesterday. its 150 that gets multiplied each time you level your flag. so if you have a lvl 7 flag its 1050 per object in your base.if you have 300 items in your base your cost is 315k. so my advice if you are a small group is shrink your base. The higher the flag level the higher the multiple that you pay.
  14. Performance & Bases!

    yesterday we had about 20 members on TS and we hashed out this topic. The consensus was to do 150 pop tabs per part. That was set by those members present at that meeting., We will try it for a week or 2 and see what the take is from the community. We have 2 goals here. Maintain high performance and do what the community wants. These 2 need to be a blend because one cant always get what they want but we do listen to the community's desires. I want to maintain a high level of performance because as the name states this server is intended as a Clan Warfare server, high fps high PVP
  15. Performance & Bases!

    It's either we increase the price or we wipe the map. What would you like?