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  1. General server info (Updated)

  2. Server issues(Recent)

    Ok, there has been some issues today with the dedi box and the ark server. Dedi box issues have been resolved. The Ark Server is now up and running again. My response time, and ability may be lacking here and there as I am personally dealing with a ton of network issues myself, mainly getting my ISP to admit it is their network that is a pile of shit. <3 Peed
  3. Server Upvote

    We would appreciate anyone who plays on our server to upvote the server on the site, so we can get better exposure to other players so we can build our population and community. Here are the sites. https://ark-servers.net/server/98805/ https://arkservers.net/server/ https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/209823-aop-ragnarok-20x-tame-20x-gather-and-15x-xp/ We appreciate every vote <3 Peed
  4. Server mods and features

    Here is a list of the mods on the server. ACM Structures Plus Pillars Plus Classic Flyers Ultra Stacks Ammo Pools (Fixed) Kibble Table MRRadTools.INC Content Pack AllSkins Chest So Lost Crafts Dino Aid Tame XL Bulk Crafters Reusable Plus Super Spyglass New Tranq Arrows Advanced Rafts Rawr Beacons I know this seems like a lot of mods, but most of it is quality of life and extends gameplay for everyone! If anyone has any questions or suggestions, like always feel free to let us know and we can discuss it. <3 Peed
  5. Brand New

    Brand new Dedi box, comes a brand new ARK Ragnarok server! It is modded I will make another post with the mods and rates for things. This map is awesome and its a free DLC. Come join in and play, may be streaming from time to time on this server. here is the link to the server if you cant find it in the ark server browser. LINK NERD <3 Peed
  6. General server info (Updated)

    It is down for now, we are transferring the data and all to new dedi box. Will be up sometime this weekend as well as an Ark Ragnarok modded server.
  7. General server info (Updated)

  8. Exile server

    I know I will be doing a good bit of work on the server once we move everything to a new dedi box, appreciate you.
  9. possible addition of load/sell crate

    Great idea, we did have this idea a long time ago but it never worked out. I will look into it and see if we can make this happen now after we move servers.
  10. General server info (Updated)

    So my time has been sparse since reopening the server. I myself will be doing more server wise soon as we have decided to upgrade the actual dedibox in the next coming week. I will be looking through your suggestions and taking them into account when I start working on the server again. This change will bring with it a new IP for the server as well as for TS, but you can still connect to ts using ts.ashesofphoenix.com I will keep you updated on the progress when we start to move forward with this change. Update- We got the new dedi box installed, sometime today Lunch and myself will be working on getting windows server installed and all the apps and backups we need transferred over. Fresh news! We have a test server up for the new zombie mod Desolation Redux on Chernarus. I will be making a sub-forum section for that soon. If anyone is interested in joining that and playing around let me know I will give out the IP and password. Also we are bringing back Exile...but for my sanity I will not have two servers on the same map, especially not Cherno...So Dickbox and myself have decided to move Exile to the map Australia. We are going to be working on map edits, tweaking the loot adding loot tables, as well as tweaking missions and adding new ones. We might be in a good position to try and seek out new mods for Exile as well. Lets us know some of your ideas for us to explore and test out! <3 Peed
  11. Exile server

    There is some, but its pretty dead right now, going to make a post in a second.
  12. Server down

    As soon as I make a post, it comes back. Sick.
  13. Server down

    It is not just the ARMA server, our entire dedi box has gone down. It is a host issue, there was an incident at the server farm where our box is located. from our host- We loss access to bhs-3b-a9. We investiguate. They are on it and are scrambling if you can not tell from the horrible grammar! Will be going back up as soon as I can get it. <3 Peed
  14. Update

    It is still Cherno lol same exact map...just with Utes slapped onto it. It looks exactly the same as it always has.
  15. Ideas and hopefull changes

    Yeah jets and earthquakes are already getting removed. missions vics sometimes have fuel, sometimes not. That is part of the mission. defibs being 7500 is not bad, this server is easy to make money on. rockets are not hard to come by at all. will be fixing the issues with some of the items in the traders though.