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  1. Update

    i think its nice ive been enjoying it
  2. to help with the storage and selling of crates and items within is there a mod/ script that could be made to load crates into vehicles and unload them wherever you needed. Also the ability to select it in the waste trader to sell all items inside the crate just like the vehicles? thanks let me know what you guys think
  3. My current bug findings

    Here are some of the things that i have noticed that are either broken glitched or just need to be worked on! 1: while towing any vehicle sometimes when driving the vehicle you are towing will just explode causing you to rage and think about life 2: when spawning in a go cart sometimes it spawns 30m away from you, sometimes it spawns near is more so RNG 3: While riding a quad bike this has happened to me many times, it will just disappear right from underneath you making you believe more in magic that you originally intended to0. ----------------- On a side note ive notice that AI can see through bushes not sure if its meant to be like that since i cant see through bushes but maybe speak to them and tell them to stop wall hacking. LOL
  4. Ideas and hopefull changes

    thanks for letting me know from playing alittle more the rocket lauchers havent been a problem for the most part, but starting out the defibs were a bit expensive. but thanks for the report back
  5. Things that could be changed or fixed on the server: Ideas ai jets flying around - remove them they are annoying ( not a big deal but could help) earthquakes - remove them also they are kinda pointless and just annoying --------------------- Things to change: armoured vehicles that you get from missions should spawn with some fuel to give the player a chance of getting it status bar: you could add a UI for the money you have on your person at the time. might help people not leave with money on them -------- prices: Rocket lauchers should sell for more than 2500 , only real reason is becuase they are rare for the most part and hard to come by, finding them should be a luxery not a regular thing Change the price of defibulators: 7500 is a huge sum of money to be paying for a small use item make it like 1kmabey since you may need it alot and items are expensive: _--------------- Adding items to the price list: Lrr camo .308 _ doesnt sell in trader ( no price listing) BOB cat (armoured mg tracked vehicle) No sell price either Will add more in the futur those are just some of the bigger things ive noticed from the few hours of playing